Tax Minimization

Until we meet a client who does not think he or she pays enough in taxes, we will keep trying to find ways to preserve more assets for our clients, their families, and the causes about which they are most passionate. 

While some taxes are unavoidable, others may be reduced, deferred, or even eliminated through sound legal structuring designed to stand the test of time.  As income tax rates rise, so does the importance of lifetime tax planning.  While estate taxes may impact inherited wealth for your children, current income taxes impact you and your family immediately.  Accordingly, we pay attention to your current income tax position, not just estate taxes.

That said, high net worth clients also must plan with respect to estate and gift taxes, each of which function as a double-tax on the wealthy.  We have developed customized structures that mitigate these taxes.  It is our goal that each client use all tools and strategies available to reach a non-taxable estate.

Succession Planning

Wealth Preservation