A tree is only as strong as its roots, and the same is true of your wealth planning.  When the proverbial storms come, be they challenges to your family or business, incapacity, or even death, you want to rest assured that your root structure is solid.

The vision of DearthGalat LLC started with a tree.  Before there was a name, a web address, or a tag line, we knew there was going to be a tree.  Honestly, to start with, it wasn’t much more than liking the idea of how it would look.  However, the meaning behind the DearthGalat tree has taken on a much deeper meaning as the firm was born and began to grow.

Trees have long been emblematic of strength, integrity, prosperity, and family.  A healthy tree will last a lifetime and beyond.  It gives off oxygen, it may give fruit or seed, it may provide shade, or it may support the joy of a treehouse or tire swing.  It provides a living legacy to be enjoyed potentially for generations.  Even without our thinking about it, trees help support life itself.

DearthGalat LLC – see the forest … and the trees.

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